Preserved Food Specialty

As Thailand's major dehydrated food manufacturer and exporter, we have affiliates that help us move forwards and develop fast with their unique attributes, and different cutting-edge technologies of imported machines that allow us to meet our customer needs well and fast.

Premier Food and Machinery Co., Ltd.

An affiliated company imports and distributes flavoring agents and dyes for food industry, packing machines from Japan, portable spotlights, ozone generators, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and portable air-conditioners.

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Thai Progress Packaging Co., Ltd.

An affiliated company designs and manufactures standardized quality plastic packaging. The company also manufactures vacuum formed PP and PET plastic sheets and packagings, e.g. trays, cups and cup lids.

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Preserved Agro Products Co., Ltd.

Located in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, this affiliated company manufactures and distributes fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits for customers and for us. The company is the source of good quality, fresh and chemical-/pesticide-free raw materials for our dehydrated food.

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